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  • Paul André

    Paul André

    Social Computing Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon, @AwesomePittsbgh trustee, UK expat; likes people, the internet, and films.

  • Derek Cheng

    Derek Cheng

    Software Engineer, Pinterest

  • Manas Tungare

    Manas Tungare

    I’m an Android & Web engineer at Google & UX Consultant with a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction. I love to prototype, design, & build delightful experiences.

  • Tamby Kojak

    Tamby Kojak

    I like to build things.

  • Cecylia


    ⭐Serial Retweeter | ✈ World Explorer | ✏ Reader | ▶ TV show fan | ♫ Podcast addict | ☕ Foodie | ♥ Frenchie

  • Nathan Ziarek

    Nathan Ziarek

    Husband | User Experience Designer | Marquette Alum | Utile et Dulce

  • Diamond Sharp

    Diamond Sharp


  • Chaya H.

    Chaya H.

    PhD student in Human-Centered Computing @ Georgia Tech, social computing research

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